Spanish Rose of Tralee Story Walk: Limerick

Spanish Rose of Tralee Story Walk: Limerick

23 August, 12pm - 2pm

Booking Required
  • Leonor Bethencourt
  • The Bishop's Palace, Castle Street
  • Co. Limerick

A deliciously funny story about a Spanish nanny who wanted to be a Rose of Tralee, told to you by a testosterone-fuelled quasi-superheroine called Zocorro (after Zorro). You may wear a mask on tour.

This is a walking tour where Zocorro shares her heroic tale: A Spanish nanny wins the Rose of Tralee competition but is later disqualified due to a surprise random urine test result which puts her Irishness in question live on Radio Telefis Eireann. The audience walk along with Zocorro and wear an optional mask of Zorro which is provided. Zocorro highlights every and any Spanish connection she can claim in Ireland.

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Access & Parking

  • Not suitable for Children under 12
  • Wheelchair Access (Partial)
  • No Car Parking Available

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