How Green is My Valley

How Green is My Valley

22 August, 11am - 1pm

  • Environmental Action Group West Cork (in collaboration with Cork Nature Network)
  • De Barra's Folk Club (back entrance), 55 Pearse Street, Clonakilty
  • Co. Cork County

Writing workshop led by Nick Smith about the environment surrounding us. Our 'heritage' passed down from previous generations, how does it affect us? Express yourself in poetry, fiction, non-fiction.

The times they are a-changing. Many of us look at nature with different eyes than before...and at ourselves. We may have inherited the earth, but what are we doing with it? And how does this make us feel? Depressed? Excited by new possibilities? This year, for the second time, Nick Smith won the 'From the Well' Short Story Competition. He knows how to 'fictionalise life' and is a thoughtful facilitator who provides literary input while encouraging others to share ideas.

Admission & Booking

  • Admission Free

Access & Parking

  • Not suitable for Children under 12
  • Wheelchair Access (Full)
  • Car Parking Available

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