Fort Camden | 3D VR Pop Up Museum

Fort Camden | 3D VR Pop Up Museum

22 August, 10am - 4pm

  • Norma O'Connor
  • Castlebar Library
  • Co. Mayo

Cotton Reels and Thread | Where will your imagination take you? A Virtual Reality Experience inspired by the inventiveness of Louis Brennan Explore the as-built Brennan Torpedo Installation & more!

Explore the Fort Camden VR Entrance | Cells Showcasing a plethora of Military #PastTimes | #Pastimes | Encountering treasured memories and artefacts | Military Innovation | Invention | Discovery & Exploration | Fort Camden | Dún Uí Meacair | Fort Meagher recorded on the Camden Fort Meagher Archive | Presented by Norma O’Connor | Researcher & 3D VR Technology Specialist Norma has carried out extensive scholarly researched on the Cork Harbour Fort Camden Fortress.

Admission & Booking

  • Admission Free

Access & Parking

  • Suitable for Children under 12
  • Wheelchair Access (Full)
  • Car Parking Available

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