Cork is the Lee: An Audio Workshop

Cork is the Lee: An Audio Workshop

20 August, 8pm - 8:45pm

  • Dr Richard Scriven, Department of Geography, UCC
  • Department of Geography, University College Cork
  • Co. Cork City

Participants will be brought on an audio journey along the Lee, highlighting its cultural and natural heritage. A blend of field recordings and interviews capture an essence of Cork’s flowing heart.

This workshop uses the unique capacity of sound to convey meaning and evoke emotions to present the Lee in a new and imaginative way. In a slightly darkened space, participants will listen to a series of recordings that display distinct aspects of the river by combining the soundscape with people’s stories. It is part of a larger project which has received funding under Cork City Council’s Local Community Heritage Grant 2019, including the Cork is the Lee podcast series.

Admission & Booking

  • Admission Free

Access & Parking

  • Not suitable for Children under 12
  • Wheelchair Access (Full)
  • No Car Parking Available