Beltany Stone Circle, Raphoe

Beltany Stone Circle, Raphoe

24 August, 12pm - 1pm

  • Mary Harte
  • Car park area, Beltany Stone Circle, Raphoe
  • Co. Donegal

Journey back in time to the ancient ritual landscape of Beltany Stone Circle, and ponder the life of the ancient farmers over four thousand years ago.

Beltany Stone Circle, near Raphoe is one of Ireland's largest and most enigmatic Bronze Age monuments. Evidence suggests this was a multi-use ritual site over thousands of years, possibly dating back to the Neolithic period. Join us on a journey back in time to the ritual landscape of the earliest settlers, the first farmers. This landscape is dotted with ancient stone monuments, ponder what may have prompted the building of these lasting testaments to an ancient past.

Admission & Booking

  • Admission Free

Access & Parking

  • Suitable for Children under 12
  • Car Parking Available