Woodford Furnace Festival 2019

Woodford Furnace Festival 2019

19 - 25 Lúnasa, 10am - 5pm

  • Woodford Furnace Festival Group
  • Next to the Bay, centre of Woodford, Co. Galway
  • Co. Gaillimhe – Contae

Making iron and steel from local materials as seen on Nationwide. A perfect combination of spectacle, heritage and learning. Iron objects made from iron ore by skilled smelters and blacksmiths.

Woodford, Co. Galway is one of the only surviving towns built to make iron. In 1681, a water-powered blast furnace was built there. To celebrate this history, the town is the setting of the yearly Furnace Festival. Groups from all over the world smelt iron from iron ore and skilled blacksmiths make anything from tools to art. Includes an exhibition, guided tours and much more!

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