Follow the Flyboats

Follow the Flyboats

24 Lúnasa, 11am - 1pm

  • Ancestral Voices Ltd
  • Shannon Harbour
  • Co. Uíbh Fhailí

Explore Shannon Harbour, a unique purpose-built canal village. This leisurely walk and talk will introduce its history and give a sense of what it was like to travel on the Grand Canal in the 1800s.

Shannon Harbour sprang up where the Grand Canal joined the River Shannon in 1804. Many original buildings remain, including the ghostly ruins of the Grand Hotel, the Harbour Master’s House and two dry docks which are still in use. The beautiful road bridge even has rope marks from when horses used to pull the flyboats along the canal. So step back in time and get a sense of what it was like to travel on the canal in the 1800s, and hear some wonderful stories from this golden age of water travel.

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