A walking tour of Old Galway

23 Lúnasa, 10am - 12pm

  • Eamonn Fitzgerald
  • Opposite the Victoria Hotel, Victoria Place Galway
  • Co. Gaillimh – Cathair

In 1977, a signposted walking tour of Old Galway was created by Ireland West Tourism. A booklet was produced with text by Professor Rynne. The signposts are gone but I'll follow the old route.

Many of the businesses mentioned in the text are long gone, however the history of Old Galway remains. See my Instagram page @HiddenGalway for some up to date photographs of Old Galway. Wear stout shoes and check the weather in advance.

Cead Isteach agus Cur in Áirithe

  • Saorchead Isteach

Rochtain agus Páirceáil

  • Tá sé oiriúnach do leanaí faoi bhun 12 bhliain d’aois
  • Rochtain do Dhaoine ar Chathaoir Rothaí (Partial)
  • Ní bheidh páirceáil ar fáil

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