Plant Hunting: Ellen’s Native Plants

Plant Hunting: Ellen’s Native Plants

23 August, 10am - 12pm

Booking Required
  • Ellen Hutchins Festival
  • SeaView House Hotel, Ballylickey
  • Co. Cork County

Ellen Hutchins Festival event: Plant hunting around Ellen’s garden for native plants from her list of 1809 - 1811, led by Clare Heardman, NPWS, with hand lenses. What will still be there?

Ellen’s list of all the plants in her neighbourhood notes those found in the garden and grounds at her home in Ballylickey. With access to the grounds of SeaView House (on former Hutchins land), how many flowering native plants on Ellen’s list will still be there today, more than two hundred years later? Join Clare to help revisit Ellen’s list. Learn about native flowering plants & observe their features through hand lenses.

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Access & Parking

  • Not suitable for Children under 12
  • Car Parking Available