The theme for Heritage Week 2018 is Sharing Stories.

Heritage Week 2018 is a highlight of Ireland’s celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This initiative by the European Commission and coordinated in Ireland by the Heritage Council aims to involve all citizens in events that help to promote a sense of belonging to a common European space.  

The theme for the Year in Ireland is ‘Make a Connection’ which aims to deepen the connection between people and heritage, and build a legacy of increased public engagement. As part of European Heritage Days, Heritage Week is uniquely placed to celebrate connections with our European neighbours and each other.

Heritage Week is exploring this theme through ‘Sharing Stories’. The week is a chance to share heritage stories in new ways, with new people.  Heritage Week is asking everyone from young people to new arrivals to Ireland to retired people to share their stories. During Heritage Week everyone will have the chance to connect with their heritage, to enjoy, learn about, appreciate and share it.  

National Heritage Week is your opportunity to play a part in creating awareness of Ireland’s heritage and its place in Europe and helping to conserve and preserve it for the future. 

Heritage Week will highlight heritage links in communities across Ireland and encourage connection with other European countries through a shared interest in exploring heritage. 

Our cultural heritage belongs to everyone so we’re encouraging everyone to get involved in Heritage Week and learn more about heritage and make a new connection with it by visiting a museum, getting to know the history behind a local historic monument or exploring Ireland’s unique landscapes and wildlife habitats.