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This Year's Theme

We are delighted to announce the theme of National Heritage Week 2020, which will take place from Saturday, 15th – Sunday, 23rd August as: 'Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage

Engaging with our shared heritage – in Ireland and across Europe – presents a rich source for learning, and an opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with the knowledge, traditions and skills of our ancestors.

This year, we encourage everybody to explore the close connection between education and heritage, and to consider what our heritage can teach us about our past, what it can tell us about our present and how it can provide fresh ideas for a sustainable future For more information on this year's theme, some things to consider when planning your event, and some ideas to get you started click here.

Goals for Your Event

There are a number of goals which the Heritage Council asks you to consider when promoting and planning your National Heritage Week event.

Your event should where possible:

  • Encourage active participation and ‘doing’. This means provide opportunities to the public for real engagement in heritage education and conservation.
  • Reach out to new audiences and make heritage accessible to all i.e. people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, young people
  • Encourage volunteering and year-round engagement with Ireland’s heritage