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National Heritage Week 2021 is happening – and it’s a Heritage Week with a difference!

With the continuation of ongoing restrictions on social gatherings due to COVID-19, we are once again inviting you to organise a heritage project. This year we are looking for projects that focus on getting as many people to enjoy heritage as possible.

To help you think about what aspect of heritage you might want to explore, we have developed three broad approaches which can be considered for projects.

  • Heritage newcomers: A general invitation to individuals, families and communities who have never engaged in National Heritage Week to work on a heritage project.
  • Heritage sharing: Encouraging existing National Heritage Week organisers to connect with a group / individuals in the community who may not feel included in local heritage; or an opportunity to explore an aspect of local heritage that is seldom considered / celebrated.
  • Heritage for all ages: National Heritage Week project organisers are encouraged to include different age groups in heritage projects.

Have a look at our news section for some project ideas under each of these headings.

The results of your project should be presented in a format that can be shared widely, for example an online talk or exhibition; a video; podcast or oral history recording; a PowerPoint presentation or blog; through your community’s or organisation’s newsletter; via an interview with a local radio station or newspaper; or through a dedicated website or social media account. If public health restrictions allow social gatherings to take place during National Heritage Week, organisers may host in-person events if they are fully compliant with prevailing restrictions.

We encourage heritage newcomers, who have recently become curious about aspects of our heritage, previous National Heritage Week event organisers, and those with a track record in championing aspects of our heritage to participate in National Heritage Week 2021. Projects can involve developing something new, or revisiting a heritage project or research into an aspect of our heritage that you have already worked on.

If you would like to get involved as a project organiser, here’s how!

1. Register as a project organiser

Click here to create a project organiser account and log in to the project organisers portal. Once you’re logged in, tell us about your proposed project. You can access project ideas and inspiration, as well as some tips and guidance to help you develop your project. We will be adding to these over the coming weeks, so don’t forget to check back!

2. Submit your project

Once you have registered as an organiser and when you have completed your project, you will be able to submit it through our project submission form in the project organisers portal. You have until Monday, 30th August to submit your heritage project to be considered for a National Heritage Week Award 2021. The most engaging projects will be featured on the Heritage Week website during National Heritage Week 2021, and will be considered for a National Heritage Week 2021 Award!

3. Enjoy National Heritage Week!

National Heritage Week will take place from Saturday, 14th August – Sunday, 22nd August. Have fun exploring Ireland’s heritage and be sure to share what you learn with others!

Project Organiser Registration

If you are planning a project for National Heritage Week 2021, please register below as a Project Organiser and then log in to submit your project idea in the Project Organiser Portal.

If you organised a National Heritage Week project for 2021 your sign-in details from last year will still be valid.

Before you submit your project, please read and consider our project policy.