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Relearning skills from our heritage

There are many skills and practices that were once common in communities across Ireland, but with which younger generations are less and less familiar. Take a look at the resources in this section for inspiration for your project.

Design and Crafts Council Ireland

Here you will find a series of short videos showcasing a range of crafts and skills, including weaving, felting and pottery.

IFI Player

Hosted by the IFI, The Loopline Collection Vol II includes ‘Hidden Treasures’ – a four-part documentary series looking at heritage and traditions in Ireland.

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Explore Ireland’s traditional music. Here you will find curated playlists, collections, and galleries selected and created by staff of the Irish Traditional Music Archive.

GAA Go Games Skill Challenges

The GAA Go Games Skill Challenges aim to encourage children (aged 7-12 years) to improve their hurling/camogie and Gaelic football skills. Children gauge their own progress, such as setting distances and recording their own scores. The challenges can be taken either individually or with a partner, almost anywhere.

Introduction to 'relearning skills from our heritage'

Crafts have long played an integral role in local economies and local communities. Artist and craftperson Sonia Caldwell explains the importance of crafts to our heritage and suggests potential heritage projects that can be developed under this sub-theme for National Heritage Week 2020.

Let’s Go Fishing

An introduction to the ancient world of weaving and basket-making. A tutorial from Heritage in Schools expert, Beth Murphy, on how to weave a fish from willow or materials you have at home.