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West Cork Graveyard Tours

Terri Kearney
Skibbereen Heritage Centre

The medieval graveyards of West Cork are a rich source of history. Many of those interred in these sites have fascinating life stories – from soldiers who fought in battles to heroes of the Great Famine, and even the Skibbereen Eagle editor famous for keeping his 'eye on Russia'. The memorials are also interesting in their own right, ranging from simple stone markers to ornate and elaborate mausoleums, with excellent examples of local craftsmanship in stone and wrought/cast iron. 'West Cork Graveyard Tours' consists of a series of short videos (3-10 minutes each) that give an overview of the history of each graveyard, some stories about those interred there. Each tour finishes with a series of monuments and their inscriptions in each graveyard. The team at Skibbereen Heritage Centre has built up some expertise on graveyards over the years and are happy to share this with a wider audience via these short films available on the Skibbereen Heritage Centre YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9lu56l3B3oEf-KWC4ZuX5g. This permanent online presence is available worldwide to the many people who are fascinated by old graveyards and their stories and will, perhaps, encourage local people to visit them in person too.

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