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Virtual book launch: The Egan merchant family of the Midlands.

Ciaran McCabe
Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society

Maurice Egan, of the famous Egan family, will launch the newly-published book, entitled ‘The Egans of Moate and Tullamore: Business and Politics’. The Egan Family was one of the Irish Midlands’s most famous and influential families for more than two hundred years. During the penal times, they were significant in being a Catholic family who held onto substantial landed property around Mount Temple, Moate and Tubber, and also serving as benefactors to the Carmelite Order. They managed to hold positions in the British colonial administration, yet also advocate for Irish Home Rule, as well as land and prison reform. Tracing over two hundred years of history and deciphering how an influential merchant family helped shape the political and business landscape of 1800s and 1900s Ireland, family members Maurice and David Egan have researched the path taken and relate the associated remarkable stories that followed. The video launch will be recorded and hosted on Offaly History’s YouTube channel, making it accessible to all members of the public: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsp8kX-ewOCXfhkUCamGvzg

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