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United by impressment? The story of 100 suspected United Irishmen

Steve Dolan
Heritage Publication

The aftermath of the 1798 United Irishman rebellion was a precarious time for British administration in Ireland. Following the quashing of the rebellion, the immediate concern was what to do with the thousands of rebels that had been captured. In the opening months of 1800, hundreds of Irishmen enlisted – or were sentenced to enlist – in British regiments rather than face the prospect of transportation to Australia or worse. One such regiment, and the regiment which appears to have taken the lion’s share of men from County Mayo, was the 13th Regiment of Foot. A challenge that Irish people face today is reconciling the role played by our forefathers in the building of an empire that spanned the globe. This is further complicated by the service of apparent rebels in the 13th. Why did these men enlist? And what happen to them over subsequent years and decades? Various sources have been leveraged for this project and it should be stressed that only the army records of those who survived to discharge are currently available. There will be an online lecture [free] and booklet [€5] launch. All proceeds will go to the Ballinrobe Courthouse Project.

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