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The history of cricket in Galway, 1825-1925

Steve Dolan
Galway Heritage

Long a favoured sport of the landed gentry, cricket was played throughout County Galway in the latter half of the nineteenth century with many villages and towns fielding teams. Yet the retrospective references to the sport in this period are often sparse, and rarely positive. Drawing on a variety of contemporary sources as possible, including newspapers and sporting journals, this project seeks to address the imbalance of previous coverage of the sport and explore the dynamics behind the birth, growth and decline of cricket in Galway. First-person contemporary books have assisted in grounding and contextualising the sporting events and characters in the century from Catholic emancipation to independence. And various tools are utilised to illustrate the growth or breadth of the sport across the county. Compelling evidence is offered on the central role of landed estates in the birth and growth of the sport. The influence of key individuals is also discussed in addressing the reasons behind cricket’s popularity and breadth. There will be an online lecture [free] and book [€10] launch. All proceeds will go to support RSS schemes who played such a pivotal role in the county during the Covid-19 emergency.

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