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The Connaught Rangers - Mutiny for the Cause

Marsha Fleming
Three Rings

The main focus of this project will be to commemorate the Connaught Rangers Mutiny of 1920. Earlier this year a collaborative project was underway with soldiers stationed at Renmore barracks cast in a stage production that celebrated the efforts of the mutineers and the execution of Private James Daly. We are now proposing to host a 'living museum' style event with authentic props from the Barracks museum used to recreate the setting of Hut 27 as well as additional items for display. We have invited military historian Damien Quinn as well as Sgt PJ Maloney, Chairperson of the Rangers Association to contribute through an informational lecture. We are also including research on members of the Connaught Rangers who were from our locality discovering whether they were involved in the mutiny of 1920. The stage production was scheduled to take place at the Storehouse in Ballyglunin which we have chosen as a venue for this event. The space can be easily managed and adapted in line with government guidelines providing a natural flow and room for approx 30 patrons indoors for a lecture. A live stream will be provided online as well as video and photographic documentation.

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