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Tell It In Stone

Eleanor Morrissey

'Tell it in stone' encourages members of the public of all ages to create images on palm sized stones. The images will be based on the letters of the name CAHIR. Each letter represents a theme: C – CAHIR, the town and its history; A – ANIMATION, animate for fun and let creativity flow; H – HERITAGE, Cahir is a heritage town and this is National Heritage Week so think the meaning of heritage; I – IRELAND, in this category tell the story of Ireland; R- REFLECTION, reflect/think about COVID 19 and its impact. The project's aim is to encourage creativity and the use of the imagination, while at the same time gaining awareness and learning about our history, heritage, and the world we live in today. The creative works will be inset in to a large wooden sign spelling CAHIR, which will be displayed at Cahir Castle during National Heritage Week 2020. The best 2 images in each category will be awarded €50 each. Further details will be available on the Cahir Castle Facebook page.

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