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Stories of loss: The Promontory Fort and climate change

Linda Shine
The Discovery Programme/ CHERISH

The joint nation CHERISH project investigates climate change impacts on cultural heritage. Promontory forts, typically understood as an Iron Age phenomenon occur in high concentrations along the Irish and Welsh coastlines. This site type is one of the major archaeological sites most at threat from coastal erosion, as sea levels begin to rise again at an unprecedented rate and accelerated rates of climatic change occur, the CHERISH project is working hard to record and understand the nature and functionality of these sites before climate impacts wipe sites and evidence from the archaeological record forever. Through mapping and archaeological investigations ranging from measured 3D datasets, walkover surveys to excavation, this talks discusses what the CHERISH project is unveiling about promontory forts and the different rates of loss occurring along Irish Sea coastlines. An online talk by CHERISH archaeologists from Ireland and Wales will take place on Tuesday, 18th August at 7pm with registration through Eventbrite. A recording of this presentation will then be made available on The Discovery Programme YouTube channel.

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