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St John’s Sandymount: our educational and cultural heritage

Alyson Gavin
Church of St John the Evangelist, Sandymount

Since its foundation by the Hon Sidney Herbert in 1850, the Church of St John the Evangelist on St John’s Road in Sandymount (D04 FD76), together with its associated Parochial Hall and the nearby order of religious sisters of St John the Evangelist, has been to the forefront in promoting and supporting learning in many fields, including religious thought, history, theatre, music, art, crafts and much more. Whether by facilitating the spread of culture and learning through its own events, or in collaboration with local groups, or through the many distinguished clergy, teachers, artists, performers, writers and musicians who have been associated with the church, the educational and cultural heritage of St John’s provides a rich tapestry. Using the records of St John’s and newspapers of the time, we trace and present some of the people and events that contributed to the religious, educational and cultural life of this small corner at the edge of Sandymount down the years. The project will be presented on the Church of St John the Evangelist, Sandymount's website.

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