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South Dublin County Digital Time Capsule 2020

Michael Keyes
South Dublin Libraries

In the 1930s, the Irish Folklore Commission asked school-goers to collect stories from their parents and grandparents about their lives when they were young; games they played, local stories about the places they lived and famous people they knew. We would like to bring that project right up-to-date. Today’s world, even in normal times, is very different to the world our parents and grandparents lived in. With the Covid 19 pandemic, the world looks and feels very strange to everyone. When things return to normal we could easily forget how things were in these times. South Dublin Libraries would like to save the collective memory of today's generations for the people of the future to give them a picture of past lives described by those who lived them. They are inviting young citizen journalists to share items for their digital time capsule to localstudies@sdublincoco.ie. Record Parents/Grandparents recollections, a diary of your day, photographs of your area. South Dublin Libraries will scan and upload all the material they receive to their online digital archive http://source.southdublinlibraries.ie/. A special collection will be created that will remain as a digital time capsule for future generations.

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