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Sligo Historic Pandemic in 1832

Fióna Gallagher & Marion McGarry
Sligo Stoker Society

'Sligo Historic Pandemic - in 1832', is encouraging the appreciation of a historic pandemic, the 1832 Cholera outbreak, and how it impacted Sligo, socially and economically. Project organisers will draw parallels between the current pandemic and the past, learning how forebears coped with and reacted to the high number of cases and extraordinary death toll in Sligo. Places historically connected with the epidemic will be explored, some professionally, and others through self-guided tours and with an online video lecture. The public will be encouraged to learn more by using a trail around Sligo, making use of history boards and plaques.

Further Information

  • Fióna Gallagher & Marion McGarry, Sligo Stoker Society

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