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Siomnóg, the old craft of making a hen's nesting basket

Frances Holohan
Abbey and District Heritage Group

On 14 November 2014, John Michael Larkin accepted the invitation from Abbey Heritage to demonstrate the old craft of making a hen’s nesting basket. He was the only person in the east-Galway area who carried on this skill and we were most anxious to record and preserve details of this tradition for future generations. Although 87 years old at the time, John Michael enthralled the audience at a public gathering in Abbey Community Centre with his skill and stamina in making from scratch a Síomnóg while all the time explaining the technique and talking about the olden days when the Síomnóg was widely used on farms at a time before hen houses were part of the regular outhouses. He indicated that it was important to have the correct straw and he was fortunate that local farmers Haske and Marion, were able to donate suitable straw for the demonstration. John Michael explained that the best straw is oaten straw and of course in the old days this would have been cut with the scythe. You can listen to John Michael’s interview explaining the Síomnóg as he demonstrates the old craft of making a hen’s nesting basket at the following link: http://abbey.galwaycommunityheritage.org/content/topics/siomnog

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