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Remembering teachers who taught in Kilteevan schools from their memorials

Hazel Ryan
Kilteevan Graveyard Committee

This heritage project looks at both local history and genealogy. The project will focus on the teachers who taught in schools in Kilteevan Parish and who are named on memorials in Kilteevan graveyard. Once the details have been captured from their memorials, where they taught, the position they held and their years of service will be established. Where possible some genealogical data will also be included together with photographs where available. Members of the graveyard committee will be enlisted to help. If possible descendents of the teachers will be contacted to discuss the family history and also to share any research information discovered with them. Results will be shared with Kilteevan community through the parish newsletter mailing list, Kilteevan community website and Facebook. The project will feature on the National Heritage Week website.

Further Information

  • Hazel Ryan, Kilteevan Graveyard Committee

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