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Reeling in the years

Roseabby Mc Gorry
Drumgoon Hill Old Graveyard Maintenance and Support Group

Drumgoon Hill Old Graveyard Maintenance and Support Group will create an online video. The heritage project organisers have reached out to a very willing community to share their photographic images of people and events from the region, and build upon an already established photographic collection of 1100 of named and enlarged images dating from 1900 to 2010. This is a one in 10 year event and captures the lifestyles, dress, characters, way of life, heritage, and culture of the region. This collection is unique, very inclusive and extremely popular with all age groups and creeds. The newly named, dated and enlarged collection of 300 images will be added to the already established albums and stored in the community venue. The albums belong to the community, freely available on request, especially to the ill or housebound. The online video will document and give a snapshot of the community in the past 10 years and beforehand, increase in value with age, and be a lasting tribute to our lifestyle and Heritage. 'A picture says a thousand words'.

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