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Pots of Stories....Potaí Scéalta

Roisin Lambert
Athenry Castle

Athenry Castle's heritage project will see flower pots being made, that will sit either side of the castle reception. When completed they will not only hold herbs, flowers and pollinator loving plants (with handmade stone pots as their base and backdrop) but a flower from each person/group who helped with the project and a story behind it. 'Pots of Stories....Potaí Scéalta' will share stories from history, folklore, memories, and experiences, or just the way the flower sings out to the bees. The project will capture many aspects: folklore, history, memories, biodiversity, and education. While we have to stand apart socially for now, there are many ways we can stand together with shared stories and memories This project will involve the community in its many forms: family, neighbours, community groups, schools, work, and the wider community. The project will be shared through video, Facebook and digital and print media. The organiser is also asking the wider community to send in a picture of a flower/plant/herb and the story behind the photograph.

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