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Photomicrography: Making the Invisible Visible

Hollie Kearns
Butler Gallery

Join Butler Gallery for an online National Heritage Week family workshop with artist Eileen Hutton. This workshop will guide participants in exploring their surround biodiversity, identify species and research shared personal or family stories and the heritage use of plants. A research prompt before the online workshop will guide participants' enquiry into one specimen. The online workshop will then guide participants and their research group through a step-by-step process of assembling a paper microscope and using it to take microscopic photographs using your smartphone. This event is inter-generational, which means it is ideal for an adult and child or children to do together. When you register, Butler Gallery will send you a workshop pack before meeting Eileen online on Wednesday, 29th July at 12.30pm for one hour. Participants are advised to book a place on the workshop by Friday, 17th July. The event is designed to facilitate an inclusive and collective process of curiosity, engagement and discussion of surrounding biodiversity, ecological and cultural heritage.

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