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Our Heritage, Ár nOidhreacht (short film about local woodlands)

Kim Townsend-Smyth
Seal Rescue Ireland

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) has invited a local Seanchaí (story-teller) and prominent tourism ambassador for Co. Wexford, Lorraine from Gallivanting.ie to explore the wonders of our local woodlands. Our Heritage, Ár nOidhreacht is a short film which examines how different civilisations have interacted with these landscapes throughout the ages, and it explores how we can learn from the wisdom of our ancestors long passed. Using modern technology we’ve provided a stunning, new perspective of Courtown's valuable woodlands, paying deepest reverence to its oldest inhabitants. Our Heritage, Ár nOidhreacht is a valuable and timeless resource for both locals and tourists to discover their love for this lush, biodiversity hotspot which is one of the last remaining strongholds of An Dubh Tìr, The Dark Country. The film will empower the growing community efforts, to increase heritage preservation measures in the area, and influence best management of the amenity for locals and tourists who wish to enjoy this wonder of Ireland’s Ancient East. We will share Our Heritage, Ár nOidhreacht across SRI's prevalent international social media platforms, as well as across pages such as Gallivanting.ie, Courtown Community Council, Visit Wexford, Love Gorey and Ireland's Ancient East, among others.

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