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Oughterard survivors: 100 soldiers in the nineteenth century

Steve Dolan
Galway Heritage

Men from Oughterard and the surrounding district had begun to enlist in the British army in the latter part of the eighteenth century, however it was as the nineteenth century progressed that the numbers serving increased significantly. Their service took the men across the globe policing, and fighting for, an ever-expanding empire. They boasted an unsurpassed record when compared to other regions. The one hundred Oughterard men discussed in this project represent different eras in military life and different standards in terms of their performance and endeavour. Their motivation for enlisting can only be speculated upon, unquestioned however is the contribution to world history. This project is not an endorsement of empire or occupation, rather an effort to acknowledge the role of Oughterardmen in military history. There will be an online lecture [free] and booklet [€5] launch. All proceeds will go to Galway Hospice who contributed much to the community during the Covid-19 emergency.

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