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Lockdown Longford Lore

Meadhbh Ni Bhradáigh & Sally McHugh
Meadhbh Ni Bhradáigh & Sally McHugh

Cáit Ni Bhrádaigh collected local folklore in Co. Longford in the 1930s, a selection of which was published in the journal 'Béaloidas'. As her granddaughter and great-granddaughter, the project organisers Meadhbh Ni Bhradáigh and Sally McHugh are eager to bring Cáit’s collection alive again and engage present-day communities with folklore. Yet, how best to engage communities with folklore? Research has shown true meaningful engagement happens when people actively participate in a project. This participatory project is by, and with, local, national, and global participants. Meadhbh and Sally are inviting local people, friends, diaspora and you, to creatively ‘respond’ to old sayings, proverbs, cures. Simple and open interpretation is encouraged; responses can include writing, poetry, art, photography, collage, digital mashups, memes, etc. By encouraging creative engagement the project aims to spark curiosity of, and interest in ‘folklore’ so much a part of our Irish heritage. The organisers are grateful to participants from Ireland, U.K., Europe, and the U.S.A. without whom this project would not be possible. They will be collating continuing creative responses on their website folklorelongford.com. Email the organisers if you would like to participate. All are welcome! This personal project is not affiliated with any government or cultural institution. References: Ní Bhrádaigh, C. (1936) Béaloideas, 6(2), pp. 257-269.

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