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Living in Rural Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way

Angela Burke

Angela Burke's book 'A Step Back in Time on the Wide Atlantic Way', acts as a record of life in Ireland in bygone days. The book is designed to take young and older readers on a historic journey, with images throughout providing further details of how we lived in past times. Details and activities in the book include: step-by-step instructions on how to make a St. Bridget's Cross; culinary skill lessons; stories from the past; a description of what to expect from a day at the bog; and more. The reader can also learn or re-visit expressions, proverbs, cures, songs, and stories in both Irish and English. As reported by journalist James Reddiough: ”A Step Back in Time on the Wide Atlantic Way “captures the gentle spirit of a bygone age. An introduction of the book can be found here: https://spark.adobe.com/video/nCs73nagOURCU During National Heritage Week, Angela will be sharing content on social media including recipes, blogs and videos. She will also be connecting with the community through local radio and local papers in Mayo.

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