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'Lighting the pipes': investigations among the Dartraige

Eoghan Moore
'Lighting the pipes': investigations among the Dartraige

Early historic and medieval Irish texts relating to the contemporary inhabitants of the northwest of Monaghan (and the extreme southeast of County Fermanagh) were known as the Dartraige. Indeed, the Dartraige have given their name to barony which encompasses all of the lands in the northwest of County Monaghan today, namely, the barony of Dartrey, or Dartry. The research project ‘Lighting the Pipes’: investigations among the Dartraige’ has been conceived in order to coordinate archaeological, historical and literary examinations into the early and medieval inhabitants of Dartraige in the northwest of County Monaghan over the next five summers. Its objective is focused on both the research and the dissemination of its results. Findings will be presented at an gathering at the end of each successive summer to coincide with National Heritage Week. Public health advice allowing, this years’ activity will see a road trip to visit various archaeological monuments associated with the Dartraige in the townlands surrounding the village of Scotshouse. It is scheduled to take place on Saturday 22 August.

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