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Labasheeda Ar Scoil - An Educational Journey

Stephen Mc Donagh
Labasheeda Projects Group

'Labasheeda Ar Scoil - An Educational Journey' will showcase education across time, beginning with hedge schools and expanding the schools in the local area over the last century. It will bring to life figures of note and perhaps some less well known characters. People will be invited through Facebook, church newsletters and local newspapers to share their experiences and knowledge. The daily life of pupils and past teachers will be explored and photographs, roll books and relevant documents will be recorded. This project builds on a heritage project which was started at a community level and was essential in communicating with local people during the Covid 19 pandemic. The results 'Labasheeda Ar Scoil - An Educational Journey' will be presented in the form of a report or PowerPoint presentation and through a section on the Facebook page 'Labasheeda History and Heritage'. Depending on public health advice, the project aims to be shared as an exhibition of photographs and documents.

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