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Killaloe's waterside heritage

Joe O Dubhghaill (Pine Valley Productions, Killaloe, Co.Clare)
Pine Valley Productions

This project will explore the waterside history of the twin towns of Killaloe/Ballina (where Lough Derg meets the River Shannon) from 1800 on, in a video feature. The presenter will be local history expert Una Kierse and a number of highly knowledgeable researchers from within the community will contribute. Interest in Killaloe's heritage is particularly strong since the Killaloe-Ballina Local History Society started in 2017. Although Killaloe today has plenty of leisure water activity, its history as a vibrant centre for trade and commerce in the past is perhaps not as well-known. The former railway line from Birdhill to Ballina (opened in 1862) made Killaloe into a flourishing tourist destination. We have visual evidence of former times, from the disused Marble Mill to the eel works and signs of barge activity in the canal area. The river at Killaloe looked very different in the 1840s to how it appears today, and archive photos, interviews and new video footage will help illustrate the changes. The video which will be created as part of this project will be promoted on social media and relevant websites (Inland Waterways of Ireland, Killaloe-Ballina Local History Society, Pine Valley Studios etc) and will be made available to local groups and schools.

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