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Heritage Happenings

Shirley Clerkin
Monaghan County Council Heritage Office

Focusing on folding natural & cultural heritage together in short illustrated blog posts, Heritage Happenings covers a wide range of topics from spy-windows, sphagnum moss and place names, to tree species, saints and their legends, grand and humble buildings of historic value and archaeological monuments. Through these blog posts, the heritage project aims to engage the public, increasing interest and knowledge in our local places and the stories of the landscape and our people. The project will also produce a selection of short videos and podcasts. Heritage Happenings uses a wide range of sources as background, and promotes these open and easily accessed materials to the public to facilitate their own research. You can follow the project on Twitter using the hashtag #HeritageHappenings, via the Monaghan Heritage Forum Facebook page and on the Monaghan County Council website: www.monaghan.ie.

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