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Harvest Knot for Lughnasa

Eva Birdthistle
Nenagh Arts Centre

Harvest Knot for Lughnasa, a cross-generational project that blends Irish Heritage with contemporary culture. Lughnasa, traditionally marked by communities working together to bring in the harvest, was a time of celebration, fairs, dancing and family gatherings. Along with the making of the straw Cailleach, Harvest Knots & Love Favours were created to either wear for good luck or exchanged as tokens of love. In July, Nenagh Arts Centre will host an online workshop with Melanie Lorien, a Heritage in Schools expert, where she will discuss the folklore of these knots and show us how to create our own, with your family or group, i.e. active retirement. Workshop participants will be encouraged to take a photo of themselves or their loved one wearing the harvest knot for our video exhibition of selfies, which will be online for the month of August, thus answering if it is possible to blend Irish Tradition with contemporary culture online. Organisers will provide workshop packs for up to 50 people that can be delivered to groups or collected at the Arts Centre. However, anyone across the world can take part in the workshop, which will be hosted on our new online channel.

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