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Friends and Forebears: Burials in Kilconieron parish cemeteries

Steve Dolan
Galway Heritage

Kilconieron parish in south-east Galway is also the ancient name of the northern ‘third’ of that parish. Today, the parish also comprises of the civil parishes of Kilconickny (now known as Clostoken) and Lickerrig (now known as Carrabane). Both these latter cemeteries, as well as a smaller cemetery at Tooloobaun, and the primary burial ground of the parish at Kilconieron / Kilconierin have had their tombstones recorded with the specifics recorded and shared for Heritage Week 2020. Kilconieron cemetery is home to a wide variety of characters, from the family of the great Dr Noel Browne, to the Land League Leader Timothy Dolan; and from Great War dead in Thomas Donohue, to the 1916 Republican hero Daniel Kearns. Also provided is a list of internments in the cemetery over the past century. While this list is only a fraction of those interned in Kilconierin [and indeed Lickerrig, Toolooban and Kiconickny over the best part of a quarter of a century] their collective story is overdue for telling. There will be an online lecture [free] and booklet [€10] launch. All proceeds will go to Kilconieron Camogie Club who contributed much to the community during the Covid-19 emergency.

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