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Dromahair Story Box, yesteryear and future: shops then and now.

Susan Gadsby
Dromahair Heritage Group

The Dromahair Story Box has been conceived by Dromahair Heritage Group and works by a portable box containing painted and collaged large card slides, each one created by a member of the group. Each slide shows an aspect of Dromahairs history and a description to be read out to the audience. The projects aim is to show this to local schools and community groups. In early 2020, the group held a meeting for locals to talk about their memories in an informal atmosphere. Their memories were recorded and transcribed making it easy to put online. 'Shops Then and Now' will be put out for discussion and covered on the Dromahair Heritage Group website. This site, with an international audience, invites people to add their own memories and stories.

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