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Discovering Oran's Old Graveyard

James Owens
Oran-Ardkieran Graveyard Committee

The old Oran graveyard was one of three graveyards chosen in Roscommon for the Historic Graves Project in winter 2019. The project was funded by the Heritage Council and Roscommon County Council. The project involved the recording and photographing of inscriptions of headstones within the old part of Oran graveyard. Over 180 grave inscriptions were recorded in November and December 2019. The data has been entered throughout 2020 (and is almost complete) on to the Historic Graves website. The project team consisted of seven volunteers who had an interest in the local history of the area. During the course of the project participants learned how to read old grave inscriptions from the 18th and 19th centuries, what notable people were buried in the graveyard and what surnames were popular in the parish in the past.They also became interested in the history behind the early ecclesiastical site of Oran and carried out some research on this. The project is viewable to the public on the Historic Graves website. For National Heritage Week 2020 there will be a short information leaflet on the history of the graveyard which can be downloaded and the project will also be promoted on the parish newsletter.

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