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Creating Space for Nature to Function, Broadford Limerick/Cork border 1998-2020

Ted Cook
Cork County Council - Heritage Unit

The year of 2020 marks the 21st consecutive Heritage Week event at Broadford Village, “Wildlife Arboretum”. A project which is primarily based around natural heritage, covers an area of land of c. 1.5 acres and was once a limestone quarry has been transformed over the past number of years as locals, students and community members of all ages have cleared the area and planted native trees and shrubs. Over time, the buildup of hummus and the formation of ‘Eco piles’ of twigs and branches have resulted in the growth of some mushroom species, adding to the diversity of this “Wildlife Arboretum”. This project will be shared on the Cork County Council's Heritage webpage, where there is a dedicated page to Ted Cook and his works. Immense progress has been made and huge growth has been seen as years have gone by. There is an opportunity to come see this project on the ground on Saturday, August 22nd at 2pm, while complying with public health guidance. Meeting at the Ó Brúdair Statue.

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