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County Roscommon Cemeteries

Nollaig Feeney
Roscommon County Council

Roscommon County Council gets a lot of queries from people trying to find out where their relatives are buried and asking for information on historic graveyards around the county. In response to this, they have developed a new online map viewer which we hope will assist people. www.roscommoncoco.ie/cemeteries is a central point for information on all cemeteries in County Roscommon. It will tell you: where each cemetery is; who owns it; if it is protected under the National Monuments Acts or not; if there are protected structures in it or not; if there is a register of burials for it and where you can access it; if there is any information about it - archaeological survey, historical article, conservation report etc.; if it has been recorded; and where its inscriptions can be accessed. This National Heritage Week 2020, Roscommon County Council are promoting this resource and inviting the public to share new information to add to the database. If you have information that could be added to or linked to www.roscommoncoco.ie/cemeteries please email heritage@roscommoncoco.ie. This project was funded by the Heritage Council as an action of the County Roscommon Heritage Plan 2017-2021.

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