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Cork Jewish culture virtual walk

Ruti Lachs
Active Music

The Cork Jewish culture virtual walk will be video and webpage which explores the history and culture of the Cork Jewish community. Ruti Lachs has been researching this subject for three years, and has written a musical play set in the community in the early twentieth century, Green Feather Boa. She is now using her research, and experience to share some of the history and culture of the community from the late 1800s until today. Research has included conversations with current community members in County Cork, as well as people in Dublin, Edinburgh, and Manchester who have family links to that community. Conversations with people in the former Jewish area of Cork (‘Jewtown’) who have memories of Jewish people who lived there long ago, and examination the sites of Jewish activity have contributed to this heritage project, unveiling stories from the past. The organiser has recorded music from Jewish culture, and a new song that tells the story of the Lithuanian Jews who landed in Cobh over a hundred years ago, to make their homes in the city.

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