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Carpenters in Cork

Brian Gould
Cork Carpenter's Society

Many fine architectural builds can be found in Cork City. The tradesmen who built them meet in the building known as ''The Carpenter's Hall'' on 6, Fr Matthew Street owned by the Carpenters of Cork City. Meetings of all the trade unions in Cork City would have taken place in the hall, including; the National Union of Railway Men, Cork Workers Council, Electrical Trade Union, Amalgamated Engineers Union, Plumbers Trade Union, Plasterers Union, A.T.G.W.U, N.E.B.T.O and Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers. It was a place to go to find work and for social gatherings. This heritage project by Cork Carpenter's Society aims to shine a light on the tradesmen involved in the construction of some of Cork's finest buildings. From the 1930's to 1970's the hall would have been a hive of activity.

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