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Bringing Kilteevan Schools’ Folklore Collection to the parish audience

Hazel Ryan
Kilteevan Graveyard Committee

This heritage project will explore local history and folklore. The Schools’ Folklore Collection has always held a great interest for the project organiser and their grandfather (teacher) and my uncle (contributor) were involved in Kilteevan, Roscommon in 1938. This year’s theme of education has prompted project organiser Hazel Ryan to revisit this material to explore behind the scenes. It is hoped to learn about the background to the project, what guidelines were available, the format for collecting the data and see why the aspects of Kilteevan captured were chosen. Older parishioners in Kilteevan, including the brother of a contributor will be consulted to establish if they remember the project taking place. Unfortunately, many aspects that it records have been lost or forgotten but they remain an integral part of our shared community inheritance. In order to enhance awareness of this invaluable document it is hoped to append a copy to this project so that each household in the parish will have its own personal copy to peruse. The project will be shared with Kilteevan community throught the parish newsletter mailing list, Kilteevan community website and Facebook.

Further Information

  • Hazel Ryan, Kilteevan Graveyard Committee

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