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Bookbinding: making a modern scholar’s notebook from recycling

Josefin Jimenez
Special Collections and Archives, Glucksman Library, University of Limerick

The scholar's binding in Ireland occupies a unique position, as a vessel for language and scholarship and the continuation of the Irish manuscript tradition. In this online lecture and tutorial, organisers will touch briefly on the scholar’s binding - what it is and why it is so special in Ireland - and then look at a couple of scholar’s bindings in the Bolton Library at the University of Limerick. The online event will conclude by demonstrating how to make your own notebooks using recycled materials, such as packaging, envelopes, food cartons and other materials generally lying about the house. No specialist tools or prior knowledge of bookbinding required. Organisers are hoping to showcase Ireland's rich and unique manuscript tradition, and connect old and modern skills in a workshop suited for both young and old. There will be a limited number of spaces available and some preparatory work so pre-registration is necessary,

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