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Be a History Detective in your townland!

Nuala Toland
Drumhome Heritage Society

For National Heritage Week 2020, Drumhome Heritage Society is asking people of all ages to go out in their own locality, find an old building or ruin of interest and be a history detective in your own area. In the light of current events our local environment has perhaps come into sharper focus. Buildings we passed by before without a second thought may have ignited our curiosity and twigged that question; “I wonder who lived there?” There are many ways of finding information; search free online Griffith Valuation dated circa 1856, here you will find maps, names attached to properties and landlords connected to the properties. Search Irish Census 1901, and 1911 as well as Duchas Schools Folklore collection. Go to your local library, check online Church Records, and visit graveyards. You can use any information found or discovered from local knowledge, even ask your grandparents to help build a picture or profile of the type of building/home it was, it’s inhabitants and the lives they lived. Now you can be part of saving a segment of history in your own area in this perfect time to be curious.

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