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Back to the drawing board with a teacher from Kilteevan

Hazel Ryan
Kilteevan Graveyard Committee

This project will explore local history and genealogy. The heritage project will focus on the family history of a teacher who was born in Kilteevan and who taught in a local school for some years in the 1860s. There is then a gap in the local record until the 1911 census when he is back living in the parish. It is hoped to fill in some of his story within this time frame. Previous research about his ancestry will be re-examined including the 1911 census in the hope of establishing clues to inform further searches. With this information and using free online resources it is hoped to construct his family tree. Some parishioners will be consulted about the family and online findings will be shared and discussed with them. Fellow genealogy enthusiasts will also be engaged if necessary. The outcome of this project will be shared with Kilteevan community through the parish newsletter mailing list, Kilteevan community website and Facebook and will feature on the National Heritage Week website.

Further Information

  • Hazel Ryan, Kilteevan Graveyard Committee

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