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Back to Basics Basketmaking

Helena Golden, Willow Woman

Helena Golden is a basketmaker based in Leitrim. This project is inspired by the the resurgence in public interest in nature, craft and the environment during COVID-19 restrictions. During April 2020, she recorded a short instructional video demonstrating how to weave a simple basket using materials likely to be found in the garden or within a 2km radius - in line with public health recommendations at the time. At the time, the video was shared on social media and Helena's website. Within 6 weeks the tutorial video had been viewed almost 10,000 times across the world and Helena has received photos of the baskets made by people across the globe - from Roscommon to Florida. This video continues to be shared and viewed throughout the world, it promotes the richness of our local heritage and captures the goodwill that's in abundance during the 2020 global pandemic.

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