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A Virtual Tour of Offaly Archives

Ciaran McCabe
Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society

Join Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society for a virtual tour of the newly-opened Offaly Archives, the jointly-managed archives service of Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society and Offaly County Library. Offaly Archives houses collections of material in the care of both repositories, and tell the story of the history and development of County Offaly over many centuries. These collections include the records of grand juries, Poor Law Union board of guardians, rural district councils, Offaly County Council and a number of town councils, as well as archival material relating to landed estates, business, family papers, school records, maps and photographs relating to the history of County Offaly. Archivist Lisa Shortall will guide viewers through the purpose-built archives in Tullamore. The tour will be accessible to all members of the public through the Offaly History YouTube channel, as well as the usual social media forums. Learn about the wealth of material held at Offaly Archives, and the significance of our documentary heritage in preserving and understanding the archival memory of the community in County Offaly. See: www.offalyarchives.com

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